she sleen

also known as the position of the she quadruped

in the basic position the kajira goes to all fours, as the animal she is. her back is straight, her head up, so she can see where she is going. In this modality, the girl is only considered an animal, and may not rise to her feet until otherwise commanded. she is not allowed human speech. she may only make whimpering sounds in order to communicate, according to a code set by her Master. she may not use her hands in any way other than as a means of locomotion. Any manipulation of her environment must be done with her mouth and teeth only. In this position the she-sleen may be used sexually, and in that case she lowers her head to the floor, rump in the air, and spreads her thighs wide, and waits for her Master to use her for his pleasure.

Reason for the position:
This position is mostly used to impress on a girl that she is only an animal, a human female animal. It may be used simply for training purposes, or for punishment, or just for the Master's pleasure.

In this modality the girl should consider herself to be no more than a quadruped animal, a human animal. her whole demeanour should be that of a pet sleen, aspiring to be nothing more than the perfect pet. If she is to be used sexually she should gratefully push her rump up, and submissively lower her head to the floor, pleased that she might give her Master pleasure.